How Mitosis Is A Vital Process For All Cells

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Mitosis is a vital process for all cells where one single cell divides into two identical daughter cells. This procedure encompasses four distinct phases called prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase in order to ensure cell regeneration and growth. A stage called interphase where the cell grows and undergoes DNA replication is a vital part to cell division, which precedes mitosis. The onion root lab aims to view two distinct parts of the specimen’s tip, area x and y, under a light microscope to determine at which location cell division happens at a more frequent rate. If area Y, the middle right section of the onion root, is observed, then there will be a smaller concentration of cells undergoing cell division. If the area X, the bottom left section of the onion root, is observed, then there will be a greater concentration of cells undergoing cell division.
Prepare a slide containing the onion root tip. Prepare microscope for experiment and plug it in. Using a tissue, wipe and clean the prepared slide to ensure more promising results. Place the prepared slide under your microscope with care and precision. Use low power to locate area X of the onion root tip and turn the focus knob as needed. Switch to high power to get a clearer and more detailed view of area X. Identify the number of cells that are going through interphase and mitosis. Create a data table to then record the number of cells counted for every phase of mitosis. Repeat these…
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