How Mobile Application Service Quality Affected Customer Relationship Management

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Chapter 6. Conclusion, Limitations, and Future Research 6.1 Conclusion This research investigated how mobile application service quality affected customer relationship management, pitching to Nike+ application in Taiwan as the research target. The background indicates that nowadays, online service plays one of the key roles of customer relationship management. With the implement of mobile device, organizations are more able to develop intimate relationship with their customers in order to enhance customer loyalty. (Chaffey, 2009; Winer, 2001) Whilst lack of previous studies focus on evaluate mobile application contribution’ toward customer relationship management, this research adapted previous studies of online commerce, organization…show more content…
Conversely, the personalized of Nike+ application perceived the lowest stimulation to the overall quality performance, respondents seems to position neutral attitude toward unduplicated personalized service of Nike+ application. Regarding to the result from one-sample test of ‘‘personalize’’ turns out that despite the generally agreement of the application fulfill their specific need, respondents recognize less attractive from the exclusive value of personalize service provided by Nike+ application. Hence, the first key conclusion to be derived from this research paper is that in the instance of Nike+ application as the customer relationship management program, design of the layout and function are the main contribution factors of mobile service quality. 6.1.2 Effect of mobile CRM quality to customer perceived value In order to evaluate the association between elements of mobile CRM quality and customer perceived value, furthermore, justify the role of customer perceived value within customer relationship management system, which is claimed to be the key to keep the customers using the service and develop further relationship with the film continually. (Refers to Chapter 2.2.5) Two examine routes are presented as follow: Firstly, the one-sample test result generated from customer perceived value’ section reflects that general respondents hold positive attitude
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