How Money Plays A Big Role

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How Money Plays a Big Role The Play, A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry, is a story about an African American family, the Youngers, who live in an awfully, small sized, ghetto apartment in Chicago. The Youngers include, Lena the mother aka Mrs. Younger, Walter her son, Beneatha her daughter, as well as Ruth her daughter in law and Travis her grandson. The Youngers, essentially, establish a decent perspective of how money, poverty, and racism all play a role in society as well as with money. Furthermore, this story exhibits how partnership fraud, “unemployment, inflation,…and corrupt mortgage brokers have shattered the dreams of many” (Piechocki, par. 1) people. The Youngers face many obstacles that consequently, friends, families, and lives get destroyed, just because of the hunger of money. The main theme is about an insurance policy check that was inherited by Lena, but her whole family plans on how they each want to spend the check. In the play as in America and in most countries, money can become a very important matter that influences all of a family’s decisions. Many people debate over the importance of money but to attain certain answers, they must know what money is exactly to them. For the Youngers, money was their life, their future, and could even be their destruction. Money is defined in many ways besides it being just a numbered, green piece of paper or a silver or brown coin. It can also relate to an object such as a chair, a shirt, or even an
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