How Motivation Fit Into My Content Area Goals

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Though the questions asked were useful in guiding my own questioning when surveying my students, I asked a more diverse range of questions to appeal to more aspects of student motivation. Beyond understanding motivation, I wanted to find how motivation fit into my content area goals. On this topic I found three articles that explored how to create motivation when teaching reading. These studies were useful in their alignment to my subject area. The author of one of those studies Lang, explored his experience teaching literature to a juvenile detention population in Virginia. The students that he worked with may have had more obstacles to overcome than a majority of my students, but they do have one thing in common; they do not have a choice about the content they are studying. Lang’s research pointed to the importance of allowing students to relate text to their own personal experiences. He did this by asking students broad open-ended questions so that students had the freedom to explore the text and themselves to find an answer (Lang, 2013). The second article that focused on reading that I found useful in guiding my own classroom research, was written by Guthrie and Klauda. They found that the keys to getting students engaged and motivated and to foster reading comprehension are, importance, choice, collaboration, and competence. Guthrie el. al. named their research model CORI, which stands for concept oriented reading instruction. I think that this concept is exactly
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