How Motivation, Process, And Outcome Construct Public Service Essay

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How Motivation, Process, and Outcome Construct Public Service Public service is the commitment to building social capital by working with a community to alleviate a systemic breakdown. It challenges the established structures under which a population has become marginalized and attempts to purposefully create new systems that empower and galvanize the community to sustainably transform societal gaps into opportunities. Written in a more grounded way, public service is a narrative, a story of actions examined through the lens of motives and results but whose message and moral primarily rely on the methods used. Before addressing these arguments however, it is important to define some of the terms so as to have a more precise understanding of what public service entails. For example, community is a subjective and fluid term that can be applied to many different groups ,from people in the same neighborhood to a population that spans several continents. However, for the purpose of public service I will narrow the definition to mean a cohesive unit of people, geographically connected or otherwise, who share a trait and are affected by the same societal gap. In using the term society gap, I mean the breakdown in the social capital of a community that result in a dearth of access to opportunities for the population. It is vital for the definition of public service that projects target the root causes of problems instead of the symptoms. As Dewey and Tufts (1909) state, “the
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