How Motorola Mobility 's Current Structure, Culture, And Core Competencies

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UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR Introduction to Business 75-100: Integrative Project Phase two (Motorola mobility) Submitted to : Dr. Nicole Sleiman Due Date: August 11, 2015 Team # 4 Members:  Alfadhel, Hussain  Anyaso, Blessing  Diaz, Elizabeth  Gaffney, Katie  Li, Lu  Matthews, Eric  Randhawa, Irvin  Teixera, Bonita  Zhu, Shengliang Executive summary The purpose of this report is to analyze whether and how Motorola Mobility’s current structure, culture, and core competencies could be improved, with focus on the organization 's current competitive advantage and the sustainability of that advantage. The strategic mission of Motorola Mobility (referenced hereby as Motorola) is to add value to the organization. One of Motorola 's main issues as a company is customer satisfaction. A proposed strategy includes improving employee satisfaction. Employees are currently unsatisfied with their work environment and don’t quite understand the company culture, this reflects greatly on customer satisfaction. By improving both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction Motorola is more likely to have a good competitive advantage and will likely succeed as an organization. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs of focusing on customer satisfaction, as customers are more likely to stay with Motorola and recommend Motorola to other people in their lives. Also if the employees are happy and proud to be working for a company they will more likely

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