How Movies Has Changed Today 's Society

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Movies, are altered to reflect the time period in which they were produced. When subjects think of movies they consider the time people have here and now, most do not realize where has this come from, was it history, or was it just some social event that got publicity. Movies in today 's society are altered to reflect the 21st century, with the technology advancements, and the way that storys are interpreted with many changes. Over the years, the movies have taken a spin-off of the legends that were once told, by doing this it can be altered to compare to the society that people live in today and the technology advances. With some movies they come from history or legends that have been told for years repeatedly, now each time it is told it…show more content…
This could be a thing where in the past it would not have been a pen that could change at the click on it. Instead of saying of my God as in there is only one they say "Oh my Gods", stating there is more than one God (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). The Golden Fleece, is a piece of fabric that was needed to help them achieve what the prophecy states and to ensure Thalia lives. With this movie, it showed that there have been a before the Gods, this is the making of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. The prophecy states "the when two cousins fight for the fleece, the son of the sea and the lightning thief, a half blood of the eldest gods can see the age of 20". "salvation, or the cause of their destruction" (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). The Quest is a call to adventure. What makes the action of the story come to life, to ensure they achieve their ultimate goal. The fleece is guarded by Polyphemus, and that is a Cyclops, that captured Odysseus, a true connection to the grand story that people read today. They put in the fact that a New York Taxi is the transportation of choice to show the true modern take on this Epic. The reference of buckle up would be another thing that sparks an interest in me and shoes that the movie has been altered to show the 21St century a sense of protection when driving. It 's a driving safety course is a movie. The fact that they get into the cab Percy Jackson realizes that
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