How Msg Can Affect Human Beings Health And. Overall Lifestyle When Part Of Their Daily Diet

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How MSG Can Effect Human Beings Health and
Overall Lifestyle When Part of Their Everyday Diet MSG is a huge issue of controversy in the world today. Many people choose to eliminate it from their diet all together, while others choose to just limit their intake. Then you have others who are unaware of what MSG even is and what effects consuming it can have on their body. I will use the beginning of this paper to define what MSG is, what it is used for, as well as where it can be found. Once I discuss all of these things, I will then discuss the various effects that MSG can have on the human body such as headaches, obesity, and issues in children like attention deficit disorder. I will then discuss how to avoid MSG and the benefits of doing so. The object of this paper is to show that by cutting MSG from someone’s daily diet, that person can live a longer and healthier life. MSG stands for monosodium glutamate. It was developed in a laboratory by a doctor named Kikunae Ikeda in Japan. While this substance can be found naturally in some foods such as cheese and tomatoes, the lab-created substance is used as a flavor booster in other foods. It is this type of added MSG that this paper will discuss; however, if someone is very sensitive they should also try to avoid the foods with natural MSG in them. The added type of MSG can be found in packaged and processed foods such as: frozen dinners, potato chips, dressings, dipping sauces, cheese powders, and gravy.…
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