How Much Did You Pay For Your Self Esteem?

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How much did you pay for your self-esteem?

Daniel C. Miller

AP Language & Composition

Krista Drake

January 8, 2014
Miller i


THESIS: Companies tactfully manipulate teens as consumers through the use of provocative physical, social, and logical sex appeals to impact the ability of men and women alike to be persuaded.
I. Physical Sex Appeals

A. Usage

B. False Promises II. Social Sex Appeals A. Dissatisfaction
B. Gender Relations

III. Logical Appeals

A. Long-Term Effects

B. Brand Tactics

How much did you pay for your self-esteem?

You will be influenced by over a million advertisements in your lifetime. Some advertisements will make you think, ponder your position on a
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Regardless of the nature or category of the product being marketed, the basis of the advertisement is always the same when sex appeals are applied. According to Cathy Wing, director of Community Programming at Media-Awareness, a non-profit educational organization for media literacy, “The underlying marketing message is that there is a link between physical

beauty and sex appeal-and popularity, success, and happiness”(2). This is the false ideology that allows clothing companies to profit millions of dollars each year, right out of teenagers pockets. The idea they sell is that if you are physically attractive, you will be popular, successful, and happy. Clothing companies claim they sell the ability to be physically and sexually attractive. “The most common way in which companies use sex appeal is to infer that the use or ownership of such product will make them sexually attractive”(Korn 1). As teens mature, they begin comparing their bodies to their idea of what society thinks their body should look like. This results in a lack of self-esteem, and they begin trying to alter their bodies to better mirror the so-called “attractive” person our society promotes so well. When the “attractiveness” standard is set so high, teens struggle to develop the attitude towards their bodies that they should.
According to Cathy Wing, “It 's difficult for teens to develop healthy attitudes toward sexuality and body image when
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