How Much Do We Know About Ourselves?

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How much do we know about ourselves? How are we perceived by others? How important is all this to us? Central topics of research in social psychology is the nature of the self and how we think and feel about ourselves, (Baron, 18). These impacts have major influence with the internet and technology as well because the way we present to others is important as well. Sometimes we may not perceive ourselves as we perceive others. We may criticize others without even realizing we do the same thing as them. However, the terms stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination is often used in everyday conversations interchangeably (Baron, 18). The term stereotype refers to a belief of a group of people. I believe people stereotype because it is easier to see people within a group than to be able to categorize people individually. The term prejudice refers to a feeling of a person based in the group they are associated with. This feeling is usually negative and I believe that there is no reason for a person to act on this belief, but it happens. Discrimination is the action that denies an individual their rights due to their membership in a group. Unfortunately, everyone at some point in their lives has encountered themselves with stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Whether you did it, someone did it to you, or you witnessed it happen to someone, this is something that sadly happens everyday. It is very important to always evaluate ourselves and be mindful of how we are.…
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