How Much Do You Know About Educational Systems?

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How much do you know about educational systems? Well, after reading this essay, you’ll know plenty about past and present systems and how they affect us. You’ll learn about learning tools from the 19th century, and about schedules for schools today. By the end of this essay you will have decided what you think is a better system, the 19th century or today’s, and you’ll have filled up on many interesting facts about American education.
There are multiple gadgets that improve schooling, from the 1650’s to now. We keep improving and creating and making it easier to learn. One of the earliest gadgets from the 15th century is what is called a Horn-Book. It is not actually a book, but really a wooden paddle, with letters on it teaching prayers, vowels and consonants, and the alphabet. In 1795 a scientist named Nicholas-Jacques Conte invented the pencil. It is a tremendous tool used in school often. Another famous tool is the chalkboard, invented in 1801. It was discovered when a teacher hung a large piece of slate on a wall to teach the children. In the 19th century, most children would go to school, but it was very different than it is today. All of the children would learn in a one-room schoolhouse, taught by one teacher. The teacher would teach grades 1-8, with the oldest children in the back of the room, and the youngest in the front. The teacher would have to teach from 6-40 or more children. Students were held to higher expectations such as memorizing their work

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