How Much Does Weight Affect a Television Show? Essay

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The majority of the actors and actresses that star in the television shows are those who are skinny and attractive. However, the United States as a whole is considered obese. One particular program, Mike and Molly, took a different approach in the appearance of the stars. Mike and Molly stars Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell, who are two plus sized actors. The show is about their dating lives and different life lessons that they learn throughout it with a more comical view rather than serious. The approach taken in this show raised four different questions. How much does the weight of the stars affect the show? Does it affect the air time or the likelihood to win an award? Were they hired because of their weight? How does the media view these actors?
The weight of the actors within the show has a significant impact, but in a positive way. Americans are more likely to watch Mike and Molly because of the weight of the stars. They can relate more to them than to a skinny and beautiful model, who is nothing like them. Television as a whole lately has been taken over by reality shows. Even though this is not a reality show, it is more realistic than other television shows. It is a show that heavier viewers can enjoy. Ann Oldenburg interviewed Billy Gardell who plays Mike, the husband of Melissa McCarthy, who plays Molly. Gardell said, "I've had some heavier people come up to say it's nice to see somebody who's not 112 pounds, and I've had people come up and say, 'I love…