How Much Has American Schooling Changed Since The Early Days?

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For as tough as American schooling is now, it could be a lot harder for today’s youth. In the past, schools were very strict and harsh on the students. Whereas, today we have very lenient punishments, and rules are upheld depending on teacher discretion, due to looser guidelines which have evolved with the times. We as American minors have many different options of schooling; private, online, advanced (stem), public and homeschooling. Therefore, this gives students an opportunity to learn at their own pace and be in a comfortable environment, which is very effective and stimulates to the brain. Although the real question is how much has American schooling actually changed since the early days? One room school houses where the real start to American school systems. There was a very strict way of doing things and a constant flow of authority throughout. The students were organized by year, the first year students in the front all the way to eighth year students in the back. This was so the teacher could keep an eye on the younger ones easily throughout the eight hour school day. For having so many pupils and such long tedious days, you would think the teacher would accumulate quite the bank account. Well, they were actually quite poor women. They were generally owned and had to stay with different families of their pupils for shelter. This must have made for some hostile or favoring class time depending on who you were. Teachers of one room school houses for the most part,…
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