How Much Homework to Give Kids? Essay

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How Much Homework to Give Kids? To many kids in elementary schools, homework is a menace. It takes away quality time from a student’s daily life and activities. In Romesh Ratnesar’s article “The Homework Ate my Family”, Ratnesar mentions about a student named Molly and her daily routine. Her daily routine consists of “spending two hours doing homework, practicing the piano, doing more than 100 math problems, labeling the countries and bodies of water and reviewing a semester’s worth of science” (Ratnesar). Molly barely has time for dinner. Ratnesar also mentions about a girl named Christina who “does not want to go to middle school, high school or college because of homework” (Ratnesar). Jonathan Keys, a parent of two boys…show more content…
For many parents, it may be hard to accept the fact that homework is a part of life. It teaches us how to be organized, how to manage time, and how to be responsible people. Students should receive at least fifteen minutes of homework in elementary schools because it makes them smarter, prepares them for the corporate world, and is just the way of life. Everyone must admit that homework makes people smarter. Homework provides practice for learning students, helps resolve common problems that might be found on tests and exams, and speeds up completion time. Mrs. Allen, a teacher from Crown Valley Elementary School, hosted a Math Wiz for fourth grade students. After the competition, Mrs. Allen met up with every student and asked each student, “How did you prepare for the Math Wiz?” The group of students who stayed through most of the competition said that they spent lots of time with their parents doing practice problems. The group of students who did not stay through most of the competition said that they did not expect the questions to be as hard as the ones in the Math Wiz. According to Romesh Ratnesar, “Carol Huntsinger, and education professor at the College of Lake County, near Chicago, compared the academic performance of local Chinese-American children with that of European-American kids.” Huntsinger found

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