How Much Influence Has A Little Country Have On The Great United States Of America

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Just how much influence could a little country have on the great United States of America? One may be surprised. With a size “slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey,” Switzerland has a lot to offer for its size (The World Factbook). The country is located in central Europe, north of Italy and east of France, and shares their temperate climate. This landlocked terrain mostly consists of mountains, “with a central plateau of rolling hills, plains, and large lakes” (The World Factbook). Despite their relatively small size and their centralized location, they have a large influence on the rest of the world. Specifically to the United States, the Swiss have brought their culture, merchandise, and services to share with the people of America. Switzerland has a relatively short history. In 1291 A.D., the Swiss Confederation was founded as a defense alliance between three cantons of modern-day Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden (Schelbert). Wars of conquest and arranged alliances grew the confederation (Schelbert). In 1499, the Confederation gained its independence from the Holy Roman Empire (The World Factbook). In 1515, the now 13 canton confederation ended their expansion with their defeat in northern Italy at the battle of Marignano (Schelbert). The Swiss Confederation then started conducting the practice of armed neutrality (Schelbert). Despite this neutrality, the Protestant Reformation had the people of the Confederation split into hostile camps and threatened the
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