How Much Is Too Much?

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An amateur is one who pursues an activity for pleasure instead of material gain (Morehead 33). A professional is one who engages in a sport for pay (Morehead 567). The definition of an amateur and a professional has one key difference: the word pay. Should student athletes be paid to play their sports? College athletes are amateurs who are playing a sport in which they have limited big time stage playing experience. College athletes are not professionals. Student athletes should not be paid to play their sports while attending college. Amateur student athletes are first and foremost in college to receive an education not for financial gains. Students become a professional once they graduate with a degree. The same concept applies with…show more content…
So of the 100,000 student athletes who graduate per year, about 2.5% precede to play in the professional leagues (“Should”). Student athletes are going to need an education in order to get a job after they graduate. In the mean time, student athletes are fortunate enough to continue playing the sports they love before having to find a job. If student athletes were paid, the competitive nature of college sports would be greatly affected. Some schools generate a large amount of revenue from their sports programs because of their huge fan support, notoriety and tradition. If universities paid their players, the more renowned, financially profitable schools would be able to recruit the top players in the nation resulting in smaller schools not being able to compete. The gap between conferences and certain college programs would become greater. If student athletes were paid, they would be playing for their own selfish benefits instead of for the team and college they represent. The close- knit family and unity of a team would be lost. Every player would become concerned with his or her pay check and how to make his or her self look better; possibly even demoralizing fellow teammates to boost playing time or image. Most athletic departments do not have the money to pay their student athletes. Athletic departments lose more money than they gain regardless of division. According to the NCAA, in 2008, a mere 25 schools reported a net
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