How Much Is Too Much?

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How Much Is Too Much?
By Jordan Keck
Cowley County Community College
Criminal Procedures
Every day we hear about police brutality but are they really using excessive force? The use of force is generally separated into the two categories, deadly force and non-deadly force, though many departmental policies restrict the use of deadly force. Generally there are things that an officer needs to consider in using force while making an arrest though it would hard to think about those things in some situations. The use of force continuum is still taught at police academies so police and security officers can use it based on their particular situations (McGoey). The force continuum is usually either split up into five levels. The first level just has to do with a police officer being present by being visible in uniform or in a marked car (McGoey). This is considered the best option to resolve a situation since no force is being used (National Institute of Justice). The officer is nonthreatening and his/her presence is used to either deter a crime from happening or to diffuse a situation (National Institute of Justice). Level two of the continuum consists of verbal communication with either a suspect or criminal but still has no physical contact. The goal is to be firm but calm unless things escalate then an officer can raise their voices and shorten commands to get them to comply (National Institute of Justice). The last three become more physical as the danger to the officer…
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