How Much Is Too Much?

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How Much Is Too Much?
By Jordan Keck
Cowley County Community College
Criminal Procedures
Every day we hear about police brutality but are they really using excessive force? The use of force is generally separated into the two categories, deadly force and non-deadly force, though many departmental policies restrict the use of deadly force. Generally there are things that an officer needs to consider in using force while making an arrest though it would hard to think about those things in some situations. The use of force continuum is still taught at police academies so police and security officers can use it based on their particular situations (McGoey). The force continuum is usually either split up into five levels. The first level
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Empty-hand control and restraints is the third level and it is using bodily force to gain control of a situation (National Institute of Justice). This would be where an officer may need tackle, grab or hold in order to restrain an individual that is getting too out of control or too aggressive. Punches and kicks may be needed to subdue an individual who is coming after you and that is the only way to restrain them. Less-lethal methods consisting of blunt impact, chemical agents, and conducted energy devices like a taser make up level four (National Institute of Justice). Officers use these in order to distract someone, get away to call for help, or subdue the criminal though an assailant may still be able to attack if you use some of these tactics (McGoey). If they do become more intense or start out of control then you may need to use deadly or lethal force in order to protect yourself or another from serious harm and this is level five (National Institute of Justice). A few deadly situations that this is justified in are an assailant coming at you with a knife or a gunman pointing a firearm at you (McGoey). The use of force continuum is used to help you decide which type of force is best for each situation though it cannot always help since you never know what other circumstances there are behind the obvious situation. When you are in the actual situation though it is hard to know what the best amount of force to use is
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