How Much Money Do College Sports Teams

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How much money do college sports teams bring in each year? How many endless hours of practice, do both the players and the coaches put in every week, so that they are prepared for the upcoming challenges in the games to come? Throughout the decades, college sports have played a major role in people’s lives. Each sport requires athletes to have excellent physical skill and a competitive drive that urges them to win and succeed. The competition between schools continues to grow making the possibility to play a sport in college very difficult. College sports range from being a runner in track to a Division I football player or a swimmer. Schools treat their athletes like kings and queens because they play an important role in the school in the way they contribute financially and academically. The young athletes learn leadership, time management, and how to work well with others to reach a common goal. Because of how important college athletics have become, many players have grown greedy and want more money than they already receive. However, Athletes are in college to earn a degree not a salary. College athletes who receive scholarship money and other personal benefits, such as a living expense budget on a stipend, should not be paid to play sports.
When an athlete is offered a scholarship to play a sport at a university, he or she is being offered a free education, room, board, and food. It directly affects the student’s life, giving them all of the necessities they could…
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