How Much Pollution Is The Air

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Zmoke-Stack Abstract It is quite unfortunate how much pollution is in the air. There’s a ton of global warming in the atmosphere, and it is killing many arctic animals such as polar bears. We hate to see how our world is getting more polluted each and every day! So in order to protect and save the world from these “to be born tragedy 's”, we decided to come up with the Zmoke Pods. Zmoke pods will have the following chemicals inside; Krypton, Hydrogen, Xenon, Helium, Neon, Argon and Radon. These chemicals are known as “Noble Chemicals,” because they dissolve into smoke, take out the toxic specifics in it, and turn it into fresh, clean air. (By going into the smoke molecules making them go “bye bye”)We all think that this idea will reduce global warming, and save arctic animals. (Like the polar bears which are really cute!) Thank you, EcoBears Zmoke Pods We are basing this project on tide pods/misters/sprinklers. This is how our idea is going to work: Next to the smokestack, their will be something known as the Zmoke-box. Now this box, has the magnificent Zmoke-pods. These pods have the Nobel chemicals inside which are. On top of the Zmoke-box, there 's a big red button. Once you press that button, thanks to compressed air, all of the Zmoke-pods currently inside the box will burst, and shoot to the nearest opening. Which will be a tube. The Zmoke-tube will follow up the smokestack, and into

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