How Much Pollution Is The Air

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It is quite unfortunate how much pollution is in the air. There’s a ton of global warming

in the atmosphere, and it is killing many arctic animals such as polar bears. We hate to

see how our world is getting more polluted each and every day! So in order to protect

and save the world from these “to be born tragedy 's”, we decided to come up with the

Zmoke Pods. Zmoke pods will have the following chemicals inside; Krypton, Hydrogen,

Xenon, Helium, Neon, Argon and Radon. These chemicals are known as “Noble Chemicals,”

because they dissolve into smoke, take out the toxic specifics in it, and turn it into fresh, clean

air. (By going into the smoke molecules making them go “bye bye”)We all think that this idea

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If the smokestack is that

tall, than the tube will be just as tall, but plus the part where it follows up the smokestack

from the box. (Next page is our diagram, and you can have a better look of our IDEA!)

Our video has more information! :)

Or you can check out our website!! =:)


Present Technology

Honestly, at this time, not many steps are being taken to reduce pollution. Humans have already

`invented` a smoke stack filter, but heck, they 're ìnvention` is not as advanced as our idea.

Actually, the present smoke filters we have right now barely help reduce the pollutants in the air!

EcoBears hope to help. You see, the filters in smoke stacks we have today have dozens

of tiny little holes in them, that let through millions of smoke particles. Over 3 quarters of the

smoke in the smoke stacks don 't get filtered, rather they just float through the holes in the filter.

See, smoke stacks are retrofitted with carbon filters that `help` reduce the exhaust released

into the air by smoke stacks. These filters must be fire resistant, or have a fire resistant coating so

the filters don 't melt or burn from the hot exhaust being lifted up into the air from smoke stacks.

This is a terrible idea, because the fire resistant coating is chemicals itself, and releases even

more chemicals in the air! Except no matter how much money is spent on making these

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