How Much Power And Liberty Did The Constitution Give To ?the People??

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     How much power and liberty did the constitution give to “the people?”

     The constitution is the document that has framed and shaped the United States from inception. It is the document that is defended by all new presidents and also the document which affords the citizens of the United States freedoms and rights that cannot be removed. In its drafting it shaped the formation of a new country and a new style of governance. It is a ‘bottom up’ as opposed to established ways of government which are ‘top down’. However for all its virtues the Constitution is somewhat ambiguous and there is some debate of the intent of the drafters, did they intend to
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It cannot be thought of, as a great democratic institution representing the peoples will.

     At the time of drafting the constitution, the rules on the senate were to be two senators for each state, which were appointed by the state legislatures, rather than directly elected by the people. “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two senators from each state, chosen by the legislature thereof”. This is somewhat of an oxymoron for a country that states ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal’. The power in the Senate does not lie with the people, but of the people they elected for their State legislatures. There is no direct link here between the people and congress, the power is appointed rather like the house of Lords in the mother country, which was meant to be a bridge between the monarch and the house of commons, if you will a middle ground between two opposing factions. The way the Senate was comprised is of a political appointee system, which inevitably favours the wealthy and influential elite’s. It is the power of the people by proxy, which is hardly democratic.

     The Congress had the discretion whether to publish its proceedings, so if they so chose the public who put them there could never know what they are doing on their
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