How Much Power Should the American Government Yield

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The philosophical question I will be posing in this article is ‘what should the government have the power to do’. All the way to the left, we have liberals who believe in a big government and a government that is involved with supporting the people and curbing social inequalities and social hierarchy while supporting social equality. On the other side of the spectrum we have right wing conservatives who prefer a government that is small and call for reduced social spending, less regulation. In addition, they accept social hierarchy and social inequality citing that social hierarchy and social inequality are inevitable. With this essay, I want to focus on if the government has the power to invade your privacy. Currently reactions has been wild ever since former NSA analyst Edward Snowden leaked the massive PRISM internet surveillance program used by the NSA to collect data on citizens of the U.S. The philosophical question ‘what should the government have the power to do’ correlates with the NSA because the NSA is an institution of the government, and should the government have the power to spy on its citizens without their knowledge and without a warrant for the sake of national security. Foucault goes through the way governments have attempted to control populations throughout history, and how power has exercised…
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