How Much Religion Is A Human Construct

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Kumare as a Human Construct
This movie demonstrated how much religion is a human construct. Kumare made his own religion by incorporating elements from other religions and coming up with his own elements. His religion, however, had no power without his followers who gave life to his teachings and ideas. The community gave life to a religion that would have been powerless with the social construct provided by the community. When Vikram was young, he would watch his grandmother praying and as an adult, he wondered if his made up religion could provide people with that same peace. He incorporated meditation, specifically his trademark blue light meditation, and his own form of yoga. He initially brought his community together in the yoga studio, but he slowly expanded the places they went and he helped them build strong bonds during their rituals.
Kumare as a Functional Religion
Kumare developed a religion that covered all three of the functions of religion that the book mentions, providing comfort, and quelling dissatisfaction, strengthening the human community, and assuring followers that there is a larger cosmic order. (CITE Pg5) Being part of the community that Kumare created helped people in their daily lives by giving them a sense of order and spirituality. He showed them how to continue the practices outside of the studio and showed his followers that they were the way to their own spirituality. For example, he helped one woman who felt that scuba diving was her peace,…

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