How Much Television is Too much? Essay

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How Much Television is too much?

How much television is too much? Well on an average, children spend 25 hours a week watching television. And who’s to say it’s even quality stuff that they’re watching? This is a big question among many, if not all, American families. People today spend more time watching television than on any other single leisure activity. In fact, studies have shown that the average child spends more time in front of the television than in school. (Patterson, 2001) Television was once an educator, but overtime is gradually ruining our youth. Television is not necessarily all good or all bad, but maybe it’s just influencing people more than needed.

Although it seems more corruptive than anything,
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There are also more televisions than people in the house.

Jane Healy, Ph. D. author of “Endangered Minds” says, “Television anesthetizes our higher brain functions and disrupts the balance and interaction between the left and right hemispheres.” (Healy, 2001) This is very true. Sitting in front of a television set immobilizes the brain and no thinking is required. What is being gained from this? Studies have proven that more calories are burned from sleeping than watching television.

This is a major factor in why our population is so obese. People are being extremely lazy, sitting in one position watching useless information rather than being active. I mean who really needs to watch a 24 hour marathon of Saved by the Bell? This creates a major crisis with overweight children. People sit their children in front of the tube as sort of a “babysitter.”

I refer back to the beginning, where The Learning Channel is an education tool. This is true, but it depends on what type of material is being taught. People are learning how to make bombs, shoot guns, and blow up small countries across the seas. This is not what children, teenagers, or adults for that matter need to be watching. Also, although parents use cartoons as a teaching tool for their children, not all cartoons are good either. I, personally, watched a cartoon on The Cartoon Network in the middle of the afternoon. I saw monkeys that were getting high. The lesson was to show what

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