How Much is Too Much? Essay

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How Much is Too Much? In the past decade, technology quality and efficiency has increased by leaps and bounds. Simultaneously, as the grade of technology and its accessibility for the general public rise, its cost decreases, making such options as home computers and computers in the classroom a more viable option for many families and schools, respectively. While there are obvious benefits of technology as a learning tool for our children, there are many downfalls as well. This paper hopes to better explain some of the positives, such as fast word processing, Internet information searches and computer reference databases such as encyclopedias and contrast them with some of the negative effects including online predators,…show more content…
With this rapid increase in Internet use by children came a rapid increase in online predators as well. “One in four regular Internet users younger than 17 was exposed to unwanted sexually oriented pictures online during the past year. One in five youths received an online sexual solicitation or approach during the past year. One in 17 was threatened or harassed online during the past year. One in 33 received an aggressive sexual solicitation online involving offline contact or a request for offline contact during the past year [2000].” Although most parents do tend to understand the importance of educating their children about using technology, such frequent instances of online harassment as outlined in the passage above, give reason for some worried parents to question whether or not it is worth it to put their children at risk. Hence arguments on both sides have ensued. In addition to the worries of online predators, there are other areas which trouble parents as well. As of recently, research has sown that the social, cognitive, emotional and language development of children is highly affected by the amount of imaginative, physical play they enjoy in their youths. Other sides, however, feel that this ‘play’ can be taken out of school and preschool curriculum and replaced with more schoolwork, in particular, the newest technology courses. As a result, we are seeing an increased number of children unprepared when they do enter into an

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