How Multiprocessing Is The Fastest And Most Reliable Way For Creating Faster Computing Computers

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In the computer world, multiprocessing is currently the fastest and most reliable way to create faster computing computers. This will remain so in the future and will only allow computers to become faster and more reliable.

In order to understand the impact of multiprocessors, it is important to understand what they are and what multiprocessing is. According to _________ Critcklow, author of “_______________,” the definition of multiprocessing is “independent and simultaneous processing accomplished by the use of several duplicate hardware units.” This definition is one way to look at what multiprocessing is; however, __________ Baer, author of “___________,” gives another definition of multiprocessing. According to Baer, ”The ANSI Vocabulary of Information Processing defines multiprocessing as a system, broadly, as a system composed of two (or more) processing units under integrated control.” Both definitions though slightly different align showing what multiprocessing truly is; the only difference is the complexity of their explanations. The computer industry has been using multiprocessors since computers were first introduced to the public. These were implemented so early in computers because there are so many advantages using them. Even in the early stages of multiprocessors, they were still faster than uniprocessors. According to _________ Barney, author of “_________,” an advantage of using multiprocessors is that “in theory, throwing more resources at a task
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