How Music Affects The Brain And People 's Emotions

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iSearch Paper: The Power of Music
For my iSearch paper I am researching how music affects the brain and people 's emotions. Although this is a complex issue, my passion has always involved music and an interest in how it affects how people react and think. I play the violin, and from personal experience I have noticed that when I am playing I have an emotional connection to the piece, whether it is sad, happy, or even upsetting. I have also noticed that the audience has an emotional impact based on what was performed. I plan to research scientific journals that record information and tests on how listening to music affects the brain and to look for documentation of someone exposing music to a culture that has no access to music and
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Also, I would like to know if music has an effect on the brain that is significant enough for people to consider having their kids learn an instrument in order to get a head start on school and boost their intelligence.
I began and followed my research plan by starting out by picking a few articles that discuss music in relation to the brain. I picked my article out based on what interests me most, which is music. I began by researching how music effects people and what emotional impact it has on people. Then, I came across articles with information about projects and research that had been done involving the brain and its connection to the spoken language. So far, I have located my sources through the internet using google. All of the articles that I have found have been very helpful and include sources of experiments done with results. They also include quotes from the researchers involved with the experiment and comments made by renowned scientist like Darwin. I had to form questions based off of the articles and use information I already had from being a musician to help with that process. Questions that helped guide my research were based on experiments that had been done regarding the brain and the question of how musical communication evolved. The emotional and universal aspect also brought up interest throughout my research that inspired a few questions about music today compared to music in the past. I found evidence to back up my
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