How Music Affects The Human Mind And Body Essay

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Music is a form of art in which sound is used a tool for expression. Whether it be listening to “metal” to release pent up anger or listen to jazz to feed your calm and groovy soul, music’s ability to allow expression is powerful. But, one might ask, “Why do we have reactions to music and why do certain genres have different effects?” The music we enjoy is the product of the combination of the innate characteristics that reside in all humans and the environmental influence one experiences with age. There is no definitive answer. In Daniel J. Levitin’s book This Is Your Brain on Music, Levitin sheds a little bit of light on the question of why and how music affects the human mind and body. The mind has this connection to its primal roots which allows for some special effects in music to trigger some innate feature in humans and release a new feeling. Daniel writes about certain effects music can have on someone such as how “the guitar sound of Pat Metheny or David Gilmour of Pink Floyd use multiple delays of the signal to give an otherworldly, haunting effect that triggers parts of our brains in ways that humans have never experienced before, by stimulating the sound of an enclosed cave with multiple echoes such as would never actually occur in the real world--.” This passage of Levitin’s book articulates that certain sounds can act as bridge for one to tap into their primal nature. The passage talks about how the sounds similar to that of echoes in cave can stimulate one’s
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