How Music Can Improve Our Mental Abilities

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“Listen or not to listen” to music, while studying, is a question that puzzles many researchers, teachers, parents, and of course, us students. There are myriads of studies performed in different countries over the past few decades, and still, there is no single defined answer. Researchers have been able to observe some trends and effects of different type of music on different personalities, while they are in information abortion mode, but have been holding back from a “one size fit all” conclusion. In some instances certain music can improve our mental abilities to process information, but in other cases it can cause harm. And this is understandable, we are all so different that our reactions and perceiving toward things that surround…show more content…
Likewise, for us, students, music impacts and regulates our mood. The best condition to study is in a relaxed mood. This is why it is important to choose music that does not distract but aligns and coordinates entire nervous system activity. With advancement of portable music devices, background music has become widespread in our daily lives. Students of various ages may argue that music in general helps them to study more effectively. While music appears to enhance learning of some groups of students, it may negatively affect others. Study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, in 2010 reveals that remembering and absorbing new information is best done with music turned off. This view is also supported by Clifford Nass, Stanford University professor. He states: “Music with lyrics is very likely to have a problematic effect when you’re writing or reading.” (January 13, 2015) Listening to songs or music with words may lessen cognitive abilities in a process of memorizing things in order. In other words, music becomes a distraction. In such situations when you need to give learning and remembering your full attention, “silence is golden.” (January 13, 2015) Every time I visit public library, I get reminded of library etiquette: to be quiet and respectful as “study is in progress.” (January 13, 2015) I also noticed that in such environment my personal reading and researches
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