How Music Has A Influence On Physical Aspect Of Sexual Relationships

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Music has a huge influence on physical aspect of a sexual relationship, as well as the emotional part of relationships. Music speaks to the mind, body and soul and many singers take advantage of this influence to express their views on sex and relationships. Song lyrics often have implicit meanings and literary references. One song in particular called “Stimulated,” by the rapper Tyga; real name Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson portrays the physical aspect of a sexual relationship. In his song Stimulated, Tyga sings about having sex with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner before she turns eighteen. The lyrics include “They say she young, I should’ve waited/She a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated.” These lyrics imply a coarse, vulgar, sparsely disguised metaphor for having sex. The hidden message in these lyrics is that if the underage girl is stimulated, then it is okay to have intercourse with her. Furthermore, Tyga is violating the age of consent openly while at the same time indirectly admitting statutory rape. These lyrics are clearly encouraging the sexual battery of statutory rape and blurring the age of consent for sex. The lyrics are hypothetically influencing the thoughts and behaviors in a way that it is lessening the importance of statutory rape. Encouraging the listener to take the age of consent and the offence of statutory rape lightly. Switching gears onto the emotional component of relationships, the singer Britney Spears promotes the idea of dating a bad boy
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