How Music Has Affected Every Person

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Music has affected every person in some form or way. It has a way of squeezing creativity out of the blandest of personalities. Starting as a freshman, I did not look forward to English 1101 because I thought it would take away my creativity. My biggest fear was that there would be limits to the amount of individuality that I would be allowed to let surface in my writing. Imagine being inside of a box. Your thoughts are refined and you hope for at least one tiny hole to be punched into that box. You want to bring a new perspective and individuality to the box. If you have to be in the box, you want to make the box your own. I expected English 1101 to give me very little creative ability; therefore, I did not look forward to my English 1101 class.
Throughout the years, my writing has been pinpointed to be structured with very little creativity. Each paragraph of my analysis essays had to include a transitional topic sentence, a claim, two sentence stems, and a piece of evidence from the text for support. Points were deducted if I deviated from that structure, which was extremely easy to do. As a matter of fact, my expectations for English 1101 were greatly surpassed. For my first writing assignment, I had to write a personal literacy narrative. The only criteria for this assignment was to tell a story about a past experience with English. I was overjoyed at this! While writing my narrative, I was certain to add as much detail as possible, allowing my audience to get a clear

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