How Music Has Influenced Our Lives

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Introduction Music is described as the soundtrack to life due to the various roles that it plays in the lives of its listeners. One of its significant roles is the socialization of members of the society. Listening to music is regarded as a part of human growth and development. On top of providing entertainment, music has many other roles in and impacts on the life of an individual (McDonald, Bryne, & Carlton, 2006). Many scholars have engaged in research activities with the aim of observing the roles and impacts of music as far as human beings are concerned. Their findings reveal that music has a tremendous impact on the lives of its listeners. These include both positive and negative effects among such listeners. The type of influence…show more content…
Despite my average performance, I made it to high school. It is in high school that I first set foot in a music class. Our music instructor took us from the fundamentals, and as anyone may put it, I felt like I had fallen in love with the subject. I finally found something that interested me in life. After an entire year of music lessons, I learned how to sing and play the guitar. When I went home, I asked my parent to buy me a guitar. With it, I used to entertain family members and friends during social gatherings. I gained confidence to stand before people and entertain them. I even joined the school choir and engaged in a lot of new things. Besides, I began listening to inspirational songs that motivated me in life. In the long run, I made significant improvements in most aspects of life including academics. Part Two: The Relationship between My Experience and Seminar Topics This section is going to give an explanation of how my personal experience can be understood in light of the seminar topic on Music and Adolescents. Numerous research studies have been done on the impacts of music on their listeners. One of the major topics of study has been on the influence of music on teenagers; for example, one of the research studies presented in class seminars discussed in detail about the issue of Music and Adolescents. This study recognizes that music has various impacts on teenagers because it is at this stage that one

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