How Music Has Influenced Our Lives

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Mid Term Essay Sometimes in life people grieve. People feel all kinds of emotions. Music is almost an emotion itself. In my perspective music can be an escape, for however long you desire. Music has been call “a way of life” for many human beings. Somehow, it has made a large influence on the world. I can think of many instances where music has influenced my life. Music effects our everyday lives and can almost be an incomprehensive predicament. Music today is powerful and has a lot more meaning than just sounds and words. Music is so powerful that it has the power to manipulate and influence individuals in a positive or negative way. There is so much meaning behind music the lyrics nowadays. Music can tell an artist life story, things they have been through, and even their opinion on certain views. The most powerful function of music, however, is its ability to express our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Music has been so important to me, I would venture to say that without it, I would not be alive. As someone diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, or more commonly known as manic depression, I have been prone to very wide and potentially dangerous mood swings. These moods and the emotions associated with them, although often times irrational, were nonetheless extremely powerful. Emotions that powerful had to be released and expressed to the outside world. I like many teenagers, found that to express myself with words was far too difficult and frustrating. I found a way to…
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