How Music Industry And Artists Have Been Affected By The Internet- 3rd Draft

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Name: Danesh Parsa Instructor: Prof. Joyce Cain ESL 186F Date: 08 December 2015 How Music Industry and Artists Have Been Affected by the Internet- 3rd Draft Technology in this digital age has led to drastic changes in many sectors of life, especially needs to technology such as Internet as an information and connection resource. In fact, music has continually evolved at a rapid rate, and the music industry is struggling to keep up the pace. Issues ranging from illegally downloading and sharing of music, piracy to inevitable disputes over sites offering music streaming services and the share of royalties for the artist prompt the big question whether the Internet raises more problems than advantages. The dispute has served as a massive blow…show more content…
It means they can produce music in the comfort of their homes or through cheap freelance studios. Later, they can that market and sell their music without the help of a label or radio promotion. On the 21st century entrepreneur article, David Bowie said, “I do not think a few years to come it would be significant or necessary to be signed up with a label because things would not be working with labels and distribution systems in the same manner. There has been complete overhaul of the music industry, and everything we thought about music will change in ten years time, and nothing will stop it” (15). Also, in an article authored by Guardian News Tony Wadsworth, a former CEO of EMI music, tries to define the changes in their company’s role, “ compared to 1990’s era, record labels have become unrecognizable… they have become smaller, productive, and diversified regarding functionality” (p130). Luke Henderson of Fluke productions, which is a recording studio located in London, recognizes that, compared to some few years ago, it is now much easier for artists to kick-start their careers. As soon their music is uploaded, it is accessible to many people across the world. These are the clear signs that the internet has placed some power on the artist’s hand. Easy sharing and selling has made the complex celebrity works easy. Musician Amanda Palmer also gave it a twist where she said “for

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