Essay on How My Ambition as a Child Changed

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Ever since I was a little boy, I always dreamt that I would have a corporate job. I would often imagine me wearing a brand new classy suit and going to work every day. I would have my very own office where I would work peacefully without any disturbance and a have a view of the entire city from my office balcony which would be in a very tall building. Well That’s what I had planned , until I became selected as a casting volunteer for the Doha Asian games 2006 ! That one event had totally changed my perspective of the future job I once dreamt of. Observing the volunteers at work, and specially the multimedia department, fascinated me the most. The video recording, the playback, the rehearsals, the lighting and the coordination had all…show more content…
I also have experience in creating websites and using HTML and CSS because of my high school courses. I am aware of the importance of the web and the online platform in mass media and communication; and I believe that my IT skills would be a huge asset to me in the long run. I just wanted to indulge myself in the world of media and communication .Be it being a public relations manager or a media analyst. I wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to make a difference. And I believe the world class education provided to me by Northwestern Qatar will help me to achieve my goals and ambitions. I would be extremely proud and honored if I get the chance to be part of such a distinguished organization. Since the education provided to me at NU will enable me to further pursue a never-ending inquiry in the world of mass media and communication. I am aware that there is no special formula for me to achieve this all at once. I must take steps, however many there may be. As of now, I'm ready to take the first step that lies in Northwestern School of Communication. I am fluent in three languages. English, Bengali and Hindi. I can also read and write Elementary French. Since I can communicate in the above mentioned languages, I can apply different writing styles and understand various viewpoints whenever needed. I consider myself to be a people person; hence I don’t have any problem in communicating effectively with unknown people. I believe that my communication skills
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