How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife

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Analysis Paper:
How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife
By Manuel Arguilla "How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife," is a short story written by the highly acclaimed Filipino writer Manuel Arguilla. This award-winning story is a long-standing favorite in Philippine literature. To examine this piece, the author's background must first be considered. Formalistic, historical, and sociological approaches can also be utilized to analyze the story further. Prominent symbols and their interpretations will also be discussed.
About Manuel Arguilla Manuel Arguilla was born to Crisanto Arguilla and Margarita Estabillo in Barrio Nagrebcan in Bauang, La Union on June 17, 1911. The Arguillas were a humble, hard-working family who farmed the
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She is nervous to meet Leon and Baldo's father, but Leon assures her that he is gentle. They pass their neighbors on the way but Leon tells Baldo to make Labang run faster. When they arrive home, Leon and Baldo's mother and sister, Aurelia, meet Maria. Baldo notices that all the women seem to be crying. He goes upstairs to where his father is alone in the dark and tells him of how beautiful Leon's wife is and how Leon sang to her. Their father asks a few questions but then simply goes on to tell Baldo to water Labang. The story ends with Baldo recounting Maria's beauty and fragrance.

Arguilla's writing style in "How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife," is definitely very descriptive. He uses vivid imagery when depicting every scene in the story. The following lines are a good example of Arguilla's descriptive style in this piece:
The sky was wide and deep and very blue above us: but along the saw-tooth rim of the Katayaghan hills to the southwest flamed huge masses of clouds. Before us the fields swam in a golden haze through which floated big purple and red and yellow bubbles when I looked at the sinking sun. Labang's white coat, which I had washed and brushed that morning with coconut husk, glistened like beaten cotton under the lamplight and his horns appeared tipped with fire. (p. )
By using such evocative language, Arguilla allows the reader to imagine and

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