How My Durnibar Changed My Life

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“You're on your own now,” said my stepmom on the phone when I first moved to Tampa after freshman year. Leaving my parents back in Bangladesh was indeed painful, but I was hopeful as I had my older brother and aunt with me. My aunt has been sick for a long time, and although it’s not life-threatening, she needed someone to take care of her. My brother decided to work part-time jobs while I would stay home to look after her. I was distressed because I felt that my four years of high school would be spent just by studying and staying home. Well, who knew that my leadership skills would be bolstered at home and I would gain invaluable experiences gradually?

Every day I would come back home after school and do my chores, which included cooking, cleaning the apartment, doing my aunt’s laundry, giving her medicines on time, fixing her bed, etc. My aunt always believed that I would be very successful in life. However, she always seemed lethargic about life and that made me unhappy. I decided to do something to make both of us cheerful, and let her know that life can always be viewed positively. It was time for me to put my Durnibar Foundation skills to work.

I realized that in our
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At home, I have learned how to give back to my community, make a positive impact on people’s lives, and the strength of diversity in the form of collaboration. In Durnibar, I have learned how to be a leader by tutoring unprivileged kids and organizing social events for orphans and elderly people. Living in America with my brother and aunt, and having little financial support from my parents, has its own challenges. But I’m determined to not let my low-income status stop me from becoming the best I can be and achieving success. Living with my aunt has taught me how to excel academically with determination and value the diversity in America as an
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