How My Grandmother Impacted My Life

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People can impact your life in all sorts of ways. My grandma impacted my life Through my grandma’s advice and character, she has taught me to always be kind, make a positive difference in another person’s life, and to always be brave. My grandma was one of the few people I looked up to during the early years of my childhood. She was conscientious, affable, and dependable in her field of work. She worked as a security guard in a high school that was located in Romulus, where she pushed them to strive as if they were her grandchildren. I remember one time in particular, my grandma ran into a former student who dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen a few months prior, working at a pizza place. She caught a glimpse of the girl, and her big brown eyes widened promptly as they were filled with an immense amount of joy and sensitivity. Her initial reaction was to wrap her warm, soft, freckled arms around the nape of the young women’s thin, pale neck. As the conversation continued, I sat at an old wooden table that creaked each time I leaned against it, impatiently waiting for the signal to leave as I kicked my feet back and forth underneath the chair. I was seven at the time and had no idea how my grandma could carry on a conversation so gracefully and for so long. After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, she finally gave me her quick little wave, and her cheery “goodbye” smile and I knew it was time to leave. As we scattered through the busy parking lot, towards the
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