How My Lesson Plan Incorporates Children 's Stories

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Administrators and teachers need to recognize that not every student will find English interesting or applicable. Children’s books address this problem by combining relatability, students’ interests as well as connections to the text, and functionality, the ability for it to be used to fulfill standards. The books offer a unique medium where everyone has an opinion or experience that connects in a significant way to them. The relatability comes from the stories prevalence in culture. Up to this point, however, we have failed as an institution to implement these stories as a prominent focal point in classroom lessons. The lesson I am proposing is an attempt to fix this oversight. This paper will explain how my lesson plan incorporates children’s stories’ potential to fill holes present in the current curriculum.
At present, the curriculum uses longer novels that students have few connections with and even fewer ideas about, causing problems. The problems develop because the current standards expect students to be able to interpret various texts and media, but the same standards do not mention anything about symbolism, language, and other forms of interpretation. In other words, one is to teach interpretation without many of the tools people usually use. Removing these more detailed interpretation methods, however, is not necessarily a problem in its self. One can have a wonderful discussion about what setting, character, and plot reveal about a story’s meaning without using…
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