How My License Changed My Life Essay

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Before I got my license, life was great. I wasn’t burdened with getting up at sunrise in the gelid winter mornings to start my car so it would be warm by the time I was ready to leave. One morning before I got my license I had woken up early and was ready to go before my parents were even out of bed. While I was sitting in my room on my phone waiting for my mom she came in and threw the keys to me and told me to start the car. Walking outside was astonishingly cold that morning and it was very icy. After that I had no desire to wake up early to have to go start my car again. It was the summer that I turned sixteen and I’d just gotten my driver's license. When I first got my license I hadn’t even began to understand how much this new undertaking …show more content…

Only two months after I got my license I found myself driving all alone to the University of Southern Maine for a two week hockey camp. I had only been there once before and that was when I was seven or eight years old. I had little to no clue of how to get there, but thankfully, I had a GPS to help me out. However, the downside was that it only told me how to get to the campus. I had no idea what dorm I needed to go to for check in and unpack all of my belongings. This was all very new and unexpected to me. At first I didn’t know what to do. There were no signs telling me where I should go; so I found my way to the rink where I knew there would be someone that could show me where to go and help me. Even though some time has passed since that summer I’ll never forget how I felt. The feeling of my own liberation to go anywhere, being all alone behind the wheel and all the possibilities running wild in my head will always stand vividly. That first time my mom threw those keys at me and told me to get going, to me that was something synonymous with telling me to go and get on with my life, become an adult and make decisions for myself. I have changed immensely and gained experiences, but that sixteen year old boy with fears and curiosities still lives inside me and he always

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