How My Life Has Changed My Outlook On Life

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Did you ever think that your life could change from one minute to the next? I sat on the couch waiting for the news that would change my outlook on life. I had a pit in my stomach before there was even news to tell. I knew this news was coming for a long time, but I did not know how. My world was going how any 15-year-old would want it to go. A loving family, nice friends, and all the free time in the world. What I did not know was that was all about to change. I was laying on the couch with my head buried deep in the cushions. Almost like that would shield me from the news I was about to receive. Goosebumps started to appear on my arms and tear drops rose in my eyes. I heard the door knob turn, and I knew my mom was home. Picking my head up from out of the cushions, was like picking up a boulder with my bare hands. Before this point in time my life was basic. There was six people in the room when the news was dropped. Each person was on the edge of their seat already anticipating the news my mom was about to speak. We all sat in the living room which could comfortably fit all of us. However, this time was different. All the seats were filled with heavy hearts. My mom said “guys, I have something to tell you”. Seconds following that statement my Mom-mom broke down into tears. Seeing someone you love cry really pulls on your heart. The silence told it all. Something tragic has happened to our family. The living room that held six people was terribly silent. My mom ended

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