How My Life Was Affected By An Eating Disorder

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Emily McAlpine

English 1102 - 06

How My Life Was Affected By an Eating Disorder

Have you ever been judged for the way you look? Have you ever been told that you are not pretty enough? This might be because we live in an appearance conscious world, and unless you have the ideal look you will be judged. This has affected many lives of all ages and genders to try to improve their appearance. We hear everywhere that we need to wear certain things, to act certain ways, and most commonly, that we need to lose weight to be happy and accepted in today’s society. This has caused many tragic injuries and mental illnesses to be introduced into the world today.

Particularly in modern countries, the media, models, and every diet plan out there influences the lives of women and girls to be as skinny as possible, no matter what the risk. In today’s society the average child watches fifteen to twenty hours of television per week. In these television shows they see many women who are malnourished and unhealthy. These women are idolised as having the perfect body shape and to have the most ideal weight. Young children tend to believe that if you look like this you will have success and happiness in life. This is an unrealistic picture of a healthy human being, and this can cause great harm to our youth today.

Many people have suffered with these unrealistic standards, but one person in particular is my friend, Shelby. She has always been self conscious of…
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