How My Major and Minor Will Help in My Endeavors

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Explaining the importance of my major and minor is very simple. My major will be general business; the reasoning behind this choice is I have always been fascinated by business. I loved my economics classes which fueled my interest for investing and looking at companies and gauging their worth and risk. In this regard i feel like having a general business degree will help me find a job in anything business as I will have a wide spread knowledge on the topic, while I do love business that is not my main goal. To understand that you have to look at my minor, this will be communications. I have always been a people person, I loved talking with everyone about anything and understanding their interests and expressing my own. In the past semester I took a speech class and found I really enjoyed it which got me thinking about what i wanted to do when I graduate. This is when it all comes together. My major is business which will give me the background into business that I need. My minor is communications which will give me the skills I need to go into either public relations or a salesman for a large company. I feel the importance of these degrees should be easily identifiable. Everyone needs someone to talk for and be the face for a large company. That is where I see myself in ten years, working for a company as a public relations representative. My degree in business will give me credibility and know how into the subject while my communications minor will give me the skill to
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