How My Middle School Changed My Life Essay

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If I look back on my life it is very different than it used to be. Middle School is 3 years of countless phases. One day you are a Mets fan another day you are a Yankees fan. One day all your friends play on Playstation and then they all buy an Xbox because it is the next cool thing to do. You just do not know what will be “in” next. When this is all over you can recap the good and the bad. We all have our good and bad times. but now all of us will be going to different schools next year. The crossroad has come for us what happens now cannot be changed. The next chapter in the book of my life has come and the introduction has been written. Open house has passed, it is now January, Me and my friend, Jack are waiting for the results of the test…show more content…
I had assumed Jack had gotten the same letter too. By the way I was getting absolutely drenched. Saying that is was pouring that day is an understatement. It was raining like you cannot believe. Anyway, I opened the door to my house quietly because I didn’t want my mom to know I was home in case I received bad news in the mail. I locked myself in the bathroom and peeled open the envelope. On the top in big font it said “Red Bank Catholic class of 2021” My eyes darted down the paper. The letter began by reading “Congratulations on your acceptance to Red Bank Catholic High School.” I could finally breathe, until I started to think of all the responsibilities that came with this acceptance. I had to wear a uniform, not a sports uniform. I can’t just “not care” about school anymore either since my parents were paying $15,000 a year of their own money. I’m going to miss my friends (Alvino) and also I’m not going to have the luxury of being the last stop on the bus going in and first out.After I thought of all the negatives that came with this I thought of the positives, and to me the positives outweighed the negatives by
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