How My Neighborhood Shape My Family Essay

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How Did My Neighborhood Shape My Family? My family consists of multiple backgrounds and nationalities. I come from a multi-racial household; my mother, Tonia Dawson, is Jamaican and my father, Joshua Brown, is Dominican/ Puerto-Rican. After, my parents’ split I spent the majority of my childhood strictly growing up with my maternal relatives. On my maternal side, there is an abundance of family members: my great-grandmother has 10 children, my great- aunt also has 10 children and most of her kids have 3 children each. Most of my family that resides in the United States is heavily concentrated in the Bronx, New York. I decided to focus on how assimilation in society, aspect of family, poverty, education, and gender has shaped my family.
It is within the last twenty to thirty years that most of my family emigrated to the United States of America from the famous island known as Jamaica. Many immigrants came to the United States of America for a “better quality of living”, but in reality it isn’t as easy as it sounds. One does not simply show up in a foreign country and have everything they desire. A lot of my family members worked early mornings and late nights just to have the proper funds to provide for themselves. In a lot of Caribbean families, where there are multiple children, the parents immigrate to a new place and leave their children behind in their original country. This enables the parents to establish a home in their new country and acquire a good amount of
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