How My Own Culture And Identity Influence My Interactions With Others?

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How my own culture and identity influence my interactions with others? Culture is defined as asocial heritage of a group; it influences how people communicate with each other. Also referred to as the cumulative deposit experience, values, customs often affected by religious beliefs, it varies from one community to the other, it is transmitted through language and arts, from one generation to the next. Cultural identity is feeling of belonging to a group, it is an element that is brought about when a person comprehends his/her own culture, it is part of a person’s self –conception and perception and this helps the person to also comprehend and appreciate the culture of other people as well. It is related to nationality, religion, ethnicity, generation or any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture. So culture plays an important role in one’s life because it is a strong factor in shaping one 's identity. In my life, culture identity is very important because it tells who I am. It has shaped me into the person I am now. I am coming from culture that has had an impact on my norms, values , and beliefs. I was born and raised in Sudan, a country with a multi-ethnic group, with a mixture of African, Arabic and Islamic traditions and values. Back in my home country, I belong to the dominant social groups as being Middle Age, Male, Arabic, Muslim, and Middle Class. Although there is huge diversity among different groups and tribes live
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