How My View on Gay Marriage Changed

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“How My View on Gay Marriage Changed”

At the time, gay marriage is a steaming hot topic of discussion in the United States. The right of marriage between man and man or woman and woman is one of the most controversial debates in the history of America. On several locations around the globe, fore an example in europe, gay marriage is a legal act. But should homosexuals have the same rights as “normal” people when it comes to marriage? A lot of different reasons why gays should not be able to get married, have occurred in this discussion. Also people around the States walk the streets, demonstrating pro and con due to the proposal of a law letting gays get married.

One of the reasons why homosexuals should not have the right to get
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Sure enough, all those aspects come in handy when you talk about the practical about marriage, but only if children are included in the discussion.

Why would people get married otherwise? To seal og refresh the bond between lovers? To get financial benefits? Is it simply prestigious? The correct answer must be up to each couple to find. Giving that marriage is not a way to get a child, why should gay people get married? But then again why would non homosexuals get married? In the United States, the wedding of a couple is a major cultural and religious event. We know that the christian church and belief does not applaud homosexuality, so why should the gays have access to marriage? Of course they should have access to marriage. But maybe not in the church.

A religious marriage, must at all time be for the religious people. Meaning that one christian would never host a islamic wedding and the other way around. There are certain rules in each religion which must be followed. Like laws in the society, there are rules in the churches.
You would not question that stealing in a shop is wrong or/and illegal, so why question the rules of a “private” club, which the churches actually are. Sure, anyone can attend any church, but the rules have been made, and that forces the attendants to follow the rules set by the church.

Because homosexuality is a sin, gays and lesbians cannot be married in the holy
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