How My Writing Has Improved

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After this semester of English 102, at Bristol Community College I feel that I have gained the skill to articulate what I want to convey to the reader in many ways. I don’t just look at grammatical error, but instead I look for ways to make my sentences more effective and concise. Nevertheless, I hope that this strategy will continue to help me improve my writing even further on in the future.
My strong points as a reader have also definitely improved after reading the poems and stories we experienced this semester. Writing has been an important form of expression for me. I find myself to be very soft spoken and speaking verbally is usually difficult for me because I can’t always seem to find the right words to say. I feel that I am more expressive and have more control over what I want to say. While this semester progressed toward its end, I have learned new writing skills and gradually learned how to engage with audiences. This skill was very useful in meeting my course goals in English 102. I believe that I have grown at organization and careful stream my thoughts as well. Before I would just begin writing my papers without any plans or organization, along with no definite idea of where I would be going with the assignments, but throughout this course I’ve learned that you should base your paper around your thesis statement. Another skill I took from this class was to value my classmate’s responses, from their reactions made me much more aware that my main ideas
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