Essay about How Napoleon Maintains Control in France 1799-1814

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How Napoleon Maintains Control in France 1799-1814

After the long period of instability in France, Napoleon seemed to acknowledge the importance of maintaining his power, influence and control over France and the French people. Napoleon was very able in this regard as it is important to make the people to support you and to limit opposition, something that Napoleon and Hitler shared in common. Napoleon maintained his power in many different ways, rewarding people that supported him, repressing people who didn't, censoring material that would harm his regime and producing other material to boost its popularity. He also controlled things which were important for everyday people like religion,
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The next way that Napoleon maintained his control was through Repression, to limit any opposition to his regime. Napoleon created "Code Napoleon" to bring uniformity of the law to all of France. This Code was illiberal, restrictive, authoritarian and brought order. Napoleon then banned trade unions and introduced "The Livret". He also introduced harsher Criminal and Penal codes with new courts, tribunals for political offenders, arbitrary imprisonment without trial and house arrest. All these changes gave Napoleon perfect power to remove any opposition, as he had influence of appointment of judges and the Supreme Court. Napoleon also used the police, which monitored public opinion, used a network of spies and informants. Napoleon also had his own secret police so that he had supreme power to remove anyone at all that stood against him. Napoleon also appointed Prefects for each department which was important as it made a connection between local and central government and Napoleon made the prefects responsible for propaganda, education and conscription within each region, so Napoleon could make sure that he kept his support through out France. This repression was important as Napoleon could prevent any opposition from developing which may threaten his regime, as many normal people wont do anything if there is no organised opposition to turn
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