How Napoleon Was A Great Leader Who Led The French Empire

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a great leader who led the French Empire, Got the French back into a good economic state after the revolution, and conquered most of Europe. As his power grew so did the French. The French were nearly unbeatable under his leadership. As a child he was also timid and lacked any sense of power. He read a lot on history and military campaigns. Although he was very smart in the art of war his sense of aggressiveness was his major own fall. As a child he was also timid and lacked any sense of power.
Born in 1769, in Ajacco, Corsica Napoleon was introduced to this world. His father, Carlo Bonaparte, and his mother, Leticia Bonaparte, bore a child that would change the face of the world. Napoleon was a short scrawny timid boy who was very quite and wasn’t liked that much. He was a carefree little child until his Father enrolled him into military school. Military school this is where Napoleon gained his strategic intelligence. He would hours on end about historical military campaigns. Also he was a very determined little boy and stopped at nothing to make sure he got what he wanted. He grew up and joined the French army and that’s where it all started for Napoleon.
Napoleon in the French Revolution was huge. He was a great smart leader and the French Military started to recognize him. He started quickly moving rank to rank and just kept going never stopped. His dominance in war really…
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