How Netflix Can Improve The Trend Line For The Future?

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Go to Google Trends at and search for one of your favorite brands as well as two or three of its competitors.

Analyze the trends that you observed with each company. To what could you attribute the increases or decreases in each company’s trend(s)?
What recommendations would you give to the brand managers of your favorite brand to increase the trend line for the future?

Netflix is a web streaming television network. That provides movies and television episodes through the internet. Netflix has gained a high volume of customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Norway regions. Netflix has really come a long way from only offering DVD rentals in the mail to a little internet viewing to now 100% internet viewing. Another plus about is the company is offering their own TV shows and movies which have created a customer following for their services. Netflix has strive to offer every show and movie possible by committing to big pricey network contracts. Netflix has marketed their company so much that internet providers had to upgrade their hardware to be able to handle the demand. In a way, Netflix has really forced the way for higher quality in internet surfing. Netflix did decide to not renew their EPIX deal which leads to the ending of the Hunger Games, World War Z, Paramount Pictures, MGM, and Lionsgate. This lead to a loss of customers that wanted these services. The reason why Netflix allowed this is the company wanted to cut cost and

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